How Whats App platform transformed local leadership for increased community development in Kulambiro – Kampala City

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October 12, 2021
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How Whats App platform transformed local leadership for increased community development in Kulambiro – Kampala City

WB Regional Safeguards Advisor (East and South Africa) — Nathalie Munzberg and officials interact with Ring Road PAPs

Kulambiro occupies Kampala City’s best planned green suburb. For a long time, it has been shelved by the dusty and potholed Kulambiro Ring Road. Kulambiro neighborhood can be accessed here .

Kulambiro is about 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) northeast of Kampala’s central business district by road. Her coordinates are: 0°22’30.0″N, 32°36’36.0″E (Latitude: 0.3750; Longitude: 32.6100) here

Kulambiro, is synonymous with fast paced development. In only 15 years today, her population has grown to 60,000 people. Every homestead owns a mobile phone. The Map of Kulambiro is here

Kulambiro Neighborhood Watch (KNW)

The KNW is a community initiative that initiated use of Whats App to fight crime and gender based domestic violence. In 2014 her neighborhood had many undeveloped and vacant plots. A swamp and a rocky top hill added to undeveloped bushy plots provided a safe haven to bad characters who always camped in the hideouts and terrorized unsuspecting neighbors. These thugs run to these undeveloped places and swamps for safety to the scare of police patrols.

To motivate police to work in this hard to reach area, community members established the KNW. In the network community members embraced a voluntarily spirit of service. They mobilized funds towards construction of police posts to stem up security in the area. To reward effort the community fund is used annually to reward excellent performers among local leaders, police and outstanding community members who make significant contributions to society.

The fast paced development of Kulambiro has not been spared of high end murderers. Recently a recent gruesome murder of Uganda’s Assistant Inspector of Police / Police Spokesperson and Head of Human Resources who was waylaid by thugs in the morning as he went to work took place. These highly skilled murderers outwit the neighborhood electronic connection which has reduced sporadic house break-ins that went unnoticed in preference to high profile cases.

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