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October 12, 2021
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October 22, 2021
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I can’t Breathe

I can’t breathe!

Because of the injustice that our earth is facing,

It’s funny how you say you want to save humanity,

But you’re the cause we are dying.

We are dying slowly because of your lack to take action.

I cannot breathe,

Because the system does not want to change,

And yet you say you don’t want climate change.

It is you in your rundown car that produces smoke,

And it is your smoke that suffocates these my lungs.

Your indecency to fight for our mother earth kills her beloved people.

We can’t breathe,

Because our souls are restless,

Crying for a chance to redeem a world that is supposed to be ours.

If we can’t breathe,

Why are you?

Why are you protecting yourself from the effects and looking on whilst disasaters hit the world?

We want action!

Take off your mask.

Don’t breathe so that you feel how we feel,

With the rising temperatures and floods.

Look at what our earth has become.

Deny your lungs oxygen,

Deny your lungs oxygen!

Deny your lungs oxygen!!

Because of the carbon emission you have overlooked.

We can’t breathe,

So why are you?

Written by Bonita Murungi