Book: The Brave Prince Micheal – By Bonita Murungi

Book: Friends – By Bonita Murungi
November 26, 2021
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December 15, 2021
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Book: The Brave Prince Micheal – By Bonita Murungi

Bonita is only ten years old. She is already a writer and publisher. She proves that children are born with many gifts or abilities. By practicing what she loves and being helped by her parents she has been able to write a book. The book is about evil and how people should fight against it.

Bonita is telling all of us, the young and old, that we should not watch evil destroying us and our world. We must get organized and use all our knowledge and abilities to fight it. When we do this, we shall enjoy life on earth.

Congratulations, Bonita. I am personally going to increase the speed at which I fight evil like laziness, corruption, drug addiction, child neglect and insecurity.

Let us join Bonita in the struggle. – Forward by Fagil Mandy

You can find the rest of the story here