About Us

World leaders have an unprecedented opportunity… to shift the world onto a path of inclusive, sustainable and resilient development – Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator

Nile Basin Foundation (NBF) Ltd. is a social enterprise, implementing capacity building programmes to strengthen leadership, governance, institutional systems, accountability, and integrity at all levels of national development.

We work, grow, and learn together using technology to empower communities, public and private institutions to access, participate, engage and benefit from development initiatives. Stronger systems empower policymakers, legislators, development workforce and citizens to respectively deliver and receive improved services.

Therefore, NBF builds more robust networks with Central and Local Government Authorities, the Academia, development partners, Civil Society Organisations, and Community-Based Organizations to deliver improved services that enable beneficiary communities to access and benefit from service delivery mandate areas.


Leadership and accountability matters


To develop leaders, institutional systems and empower communities to access, engage, and benefit from social, economic, and technological development interventions in Uganda and beyond

Strategic Objectives

  1. Develop and promote skills-based and attitude change programmes targeting enhancing communities and institutions capabilities to attract, retain and strengthen their workforces’ employability skills.
  2. Establish a Resource Centre of refereed e-journals, papers, media articles, broadcasts, podcasts, other print material, online blogs in mandate market areas.
  3. Collaborate with development institutions to develop, execute, monitor and evaluate development interventions targeting institutions to harness the potentials of their beneficiaries for improved citizen-centric service delivery.
  4. Mentor, coach and skill young people, the youth and millennials develop positive behaviours, attitudes, and skills to enable them meaningfully and responsibly use available ICT technologies to build our nation.
  5. Strengthen public-private partnerships in one-health sectors and education to generate evidence-based data and information to inform policy, programme and plan design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in line with citizen-centred service delivery.