Our Programmes

Scope of Nile Basin Foundation Programmes

a) Regional and International level.

NBF works with regional and international development institutions to support the generation of evidence-based policy, planning, legal, regulatory and other interventions. Activities will include resource mobilization, provision of technical assistance and collaborative research. All activities aim to improve service delivery in line with the national development plan, emphasizing the mandated areas of cooperation between the Government, civil society and other partners.

b) National and District Local Government level

NBF will work with Ministries, Departments and Agencies at the Central and District Local Governments to build the institutions’ capacities for accountability, leadership, and integrity, end poverty, fight inequalities and injustice, and reverse climate change by 2030 Uganda and beyond. It advocates for social development goals and raises awareness for the empowerment of a cross-section of beneficiaries to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery to the public, private or private not for profit institutions to address the needs and aspirations of citizens.

c) Human Capital Development

NBF attracts, motivates, and retains high calibre human capital through direct engagement in gainful employment, collaboration, volunteerism, mentorship, coaching and student internships. In addition, community engagements in different formats, including corporate social responsibility, will be undertaken to develop human capital in specialized skills-based training and capacity building programmes for public and private institutions addressing various service reforms